The Latest 2020 News from HA Design Group

HA Design's Virtual NAB 2020 Plan B is Unique & Ground Breaking Next Week

Next week catch all the top running companies show you their top release and picks. Schedule is in the Press Release on link. (see story at This Link)

HA Design Group host a vistual NAB 2020 Plan B

Join us for a virtual NAB held April 21, 22, 23. Vendors will present their wares for our customers. Please click link below for information. (see story at This Link)


NIH Masur Auditorium Project Awarded to HA Design

Bethesda, Md. December 15, 2019 — HA Design Group LLC is awarded the rebuild of the Masur Auditorium Audio Visual System at NIH into a 4K presentation and distrubution system.


USAGM/VOA Studio 2 and 18 Rebuild for VOA New Look

Washington, DC. October 1, 2019 — HA Design Group LLC was awarded the Rebuild of studios 2 and 18 at the Cohen Building. These two studios are used for Radio for TV type broadcasts to the world. VOA has some 70+ studios in the Cohen building with several news bureaus around the world.


WKU New Master Control Systems

Bowling Green, KY. December 15, 2019 — HA Design Group LLC just finished th enew Master Control system at WKYU utilizing a Cinegy software solution. WKU Public Broadcasting provides public service broadcasting to the community, professional training for students, and creates and distributes media content that serves WKU and the citizens of Kentucky. With the addition of the new Master Control Equipment, WKU will be able to provide programming not only for it's current transmisions, but can also add various streaming broadcasts as well.