The News from 2017

Columbus, Ohio: In 2017 the BEMC centralized Joint Master Control (JMC) has enhanced its automated play out by establishing Myers ProTracks’ close BXF integration with IP broadcast play out software from Cinegy. The bidirectional BXF exchange is performing “live update” media processing insupport of BEMC’s digital programming channels(42) on behalf of Ohio’s group of eight PBS member stations and The Ohio Channel. Starting with the award of a design and installation contract in April 2015, HA Design Group has worked closely with the Columbus, Ohio based Broadcast Educational Media Commission (BEMC) and the Ohio Educational Television Stations, PBS member stations in 8 markets, who are linked together through the state-wide OARnet® IP network. The goals of the BEMC system upgrade include increased operational efficiency and reduced long term capital cost for the Stations and the State of Ohio, while modernizing the Network Operations Center that BEMC provides to benefit multiple constituencies in Ohio. Early in the process, the Stations identified facilitating future digital services, and providing for a centralized origination center in Columbus as important goals the project is designed to achieve.