The News from 2012

Washington, DC-- April 2013: HA Design Group has completed its collaboration with the NPR PRSS (Public Radio Satellite System) EngineeringTeam in the design/build/transition of its new Network Operations Center (NOC). The new NOC is part of the PRSS technical facilities located at NPR's new HQ building.

Detroit, MI.-- November 2012: HA Design collaborated with the CivicCenter TV team to deploy a new Cinegy-based system solution consisting of a MAM (Media AssetManagement database), two play out channels, editing, and ingest. The system is part of a facility upgrade from a former SD traditional system.

Memphis, TN.-- November 2012: HA Design Group LLC has completed a system for Memphis Schools that encompasses 6 play out Channels, which include logo insertion, branding, animation insertion, as well as live pass through for live shows with branding. As part of the system is a complete traffic and scheduling system, all housed in one rack made up of software running on commodity IT hardware.

Washington,D.C. -- September 2012: HA Design Group is re-awarded the Media Logger contract at the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) location in Washington DC. The HA Design Media Resource team (MRT) is responsible for preparing metadata of its daily news programming content within the massive DaletPlus media asset system that powers the 24/7 BBG news operation broadcasting multi-lingual programming worldwide.

Boston, MA. -- July 2012: HA Design Completes the Media Asset Management System (MAM) solution for American Public Television Network with ingest and editing functions that will provide local and wide area access to the APTN content archive.

Washington,D.C. -- May 2012: HA Design has presented VOA with a Master Control - TV Report on the extensive headquarters technical/network system and workflow challenges. The VOA senior management is seeking to identify/clarify the problem areas with the current system that can be addressed as the system use expands within the BBG staff and community.

Alexandria,VA. -- May 2012 HA Design completes the testing and analysis phase of the MPEG-4 technology assessment project for Public Broadcasting Service(PBS), which the PBS network will then select and deploy to better maximize its satellite content delivery resources.

Washington, D.C. -- February 2012: HA Design was awarded the BBG Integrated Digital Audio System Upgrade (IDAPS2) for implementation of the new DaletPlus Radio Suite for the entire Broadcasting Board of Governors radio enterprise, which encompasses over 45 language services broadcasting 24/7 multi-lingual programming worldwide.

Springfield,VA. -- April 2012: HA Design Group Collaborates with the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) network to implement its Disaster Recovery, Diversity & Maintenance Site (DDMS) project.

Washington,D.C. -- March 2012: HA Design Group has been contracted to deliver the next phase of the VOA audio replacement project to transition the Voice of America's 44 Language Services into a new software-based, production solution based upon DaletPlus.

Alexandria,VA. -- February 2012: New integrated solutions from HA Design Group has transitioned PBS and its back-up satellite broadcast communications used for its member stations to the PBS Lincoln, Nebraska location as part of PBS's multiyear effort known as the DDMS (Diversity DisasterMaintenance Site) Project.

Washington,D.C. -- January 2012: HA Design Group has completed VOA's newest television broadcast facilities ,Studio 52, to support additional Voice of America's digital television programming broadcast through out the world....