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Voice of America


  • Designed a fully digital system capable of  instantaneous access of any material required from anywhere on the network for the VOA (Voice of America)

  • Worked with Dalet Digital Media Systems to provide VOA with a complete digital audio system for all VOA broadcasters.  Replaced all reel-to-reel editing, creating new workflow standards for VOA.

  • VOA encompasses forty-three (43) studios serving forty-seven (47) different language services.  Each of these services represents an individual broadcast channel. In twenty-six (26) of the language areas there are additional smaller studio areas for uncomplicated mixing and dubbing.

  • VOA has a central recording facility to aid the language services which have numerous automated playback units along with many duplication and recording devices.

  • Specified an automation system serving Master Control for 150 channels.  This allows the operators greater ease of monitoring and control of the VOA channels worldwide. 

  • IDAPS consists of 2000 workstations and various playout and record units.  More than 10 Clustered Audio Servers consisting of IBM Netfinity 7000 class servers running in cluster mode with 6 TB of disk storage on the system, Storagetek Robotic archiving units, and 2600 class JVC jukeboxes for CD playback.

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