Studio Review 2017 BBG
Washington, D.C.


The US Broadcasting Board Of Govenors (BBG) required a review of current facilities.

The report compiled represented a synthesis of the information collected in several visit, meetings, and reviews of the studio needs for the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) and Voice of America (VOA). We have faithfully under taken to accurately reflect the current needs of all concerned and present a critique and solutions that meets these needs. The narrative combines the talents and technologies of several of HA Design’s consultants. This document is not an engineering design but rather a broad view of how the represented studios serve VOA’s needs now and into the future. The ideas presented are to help BBG/VOA in planning for studio and control room needs for its various services.

Some of the items discussed contain versatile functionality and multi-purpose idea of the rooms for varying language service programming. The smaller control room/studios have an eye toward minimal staffing and the flexibility to increase staffing when a show requires it. Multimedia studios were once radio studios and have been converted into television studios. Due to some spaces being small and operated by language service personnel, not professional television staff, ease of operation must be a top priority. The outputs of these rooms go to various destinations including streaming directly to Facebook and other media outlets.

Radio on TV studios are radio studios that now serve as television studios with the capability to have live and recorded segments. They maintain the look of radio with microphones on arms, not lavaliers as used in television, and very little set design.

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