PWC, McCoart Building Board of County Supervisors Council Chamber AV and Video Production Operation Upgrade
Woodbridge, Virginia


The goal of the project will be to provide the County an updated County Board of Supervisors Council Room AV and broadcast system.

The package consisted of engineering and installation of a solutions for the Board of County Supervisors council chambers, the AV and media technical core, and the media control room.

The council chamber system consists of replacing the microphones for the main dais, and clerk and staff tables, the projector and audience monitors, the AV control system, the audio processing system, the ceiling speakers and amplifiers, AV support gear, a staff desk video camera, and video monitors in the Potomac and locker rooms.

The media technical core section will consist of replacing the main video and AV routing switcher, reference and signal conversion and distribution, monitoring, and rack enclosures. Additions will include a closed caption encoding system and a KVM switch.

The media control room section will consist of replacing the audio mixer, production monitor, and main operator’s console. This package represents a design that can be efficiently utilized for live presentations and playback into the chamber.

PWC Room PWC Dias