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Design Philosophy


HA Design Group has four basic design philosophies

1) Economic Feasibility

Our designs address each client's particular needs and requirements, incorporating equipment with the best reliability and technology longevity, available within their budget.

2) Design for the Future

Upgradeability, allowing for the integration of future technology, is another basic concept. We have all seen that the rate at which technology is growing often renders a new piece of equipment obsolete in only a short period of time. This is a problem we have been able to minimize in our systems by keeping current on present and future technologies.

3) User Friendliness

Ease of operation is another priority that we have taken into consideration when designing a system or facility. As technology advances so does the complexity of the equipment. System automation now plays an important role in the creation of user friendly systems. Our designers incorporate equipment that utilizes control automation and computer assisted systems to eliminate most of the intensive aspects of production.

4) Flexibility

System flexibility is another aspect of the design process that adds significantly to the cost-effectiveness and value of the system. Through the use of IP technology, standard IT technology, routing systems, and automation, we are able to create a flexible system that can interconnect several devices from various locations throughout the facility or the world. This equipment can be linked together into a system configuration using a operational model that fits into the customers current business model for today and into the future.

HA Design Group is effectively positioned to maintain a current perspective on the latest changes in video and audio technology. As a representative of several major manufacturers of broadcast quality equipment, we have continuing access to the technology changes and improvements which drive our industry.



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