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The Latest 2019 News from HA Design Group:

HA Design Group Grows and engages Industry Sales and Technical Veteran as Director of Sales with a Global Territory

Kevin Basquill

Springfield, Virginia December 3, 2019 — HA Design Group LLC is experiencing first hand the morphing of our collective industries. Willy Halla is bringing Kevin Basquill, a veteran in the industry, to join their team as Director of Sales, managing a Global Territory (see story at  This Link)

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Washington DC February 2019: NRCC AV System Lifecycle Equipment Refresh

HA Design Group has collaborated with FEMA’s Technical Staff and stakeholders to develop a design for implementation involving its National Response Coordination Center (NRCC) audiovisual operations. This DC HQ technical facility is incorporating new audiovisual tools that expand the input of media information with flexible multiple room presentation options and controls. These AV facilities assist the FEMA managers and other gathered federal agency staff to conduct regular planning meetings and closely monitor actions during federally-declared emergency conditions.

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Woodbridge, Virginia 2017-19: Prince William County Multi-Year Contract AV Award

As part of a multi-year design, engineering, and AV construction project award initiated in 2016 with extension options into 2021, HA Design Group has worked closely with the County Administration and technical project staff with vendors to propose and deliver updated facilities for the PWC Communications Department for numerous PWC groups and locations across the County including:

  • The PWC McCoart Building Meeting Chamber and associated technical facilities

  • The Department of Social Services Conference Room

  • Chinn Library Studio Facilities

  • The Department of Public Works Meeting Room

  • During 2019 the Chinn studio facilities including the set, lighting, acoustics, and control room will be completed along with additional enhancements to the McCoart Meeting Chamber and associated technical facilities.


Washington DC October 2018: Studio 50 Upgrade

Washington DC: HA Design Group successfully completed a high-profile studio 50 project with a new set and integrated 3X3 display monitor wall under an accelerated schedule. With regular weekly meetings, close coordination with the set designer, set fabricator, and Planar video wall technical team allowed the project team to complete the design, acquisition, and installation within 45 days of the contract award. The  implementation team worked during the over night timeframe to keep the studio facilities in use during the new install transition. The link below shows images from the completed studio 50 set.

Studio 50 Images

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During 2017 through 2019, HA Design Group has been awarded numerous client contracts for software and hardware systems. The Broadcast/Audiovisual/IT Equipment client awards and shipments include:
  • Production Vendors: NewTek, Sony, Bionics, Broadcast Pix, Live U, Teradek, AVID

  • Broadcast Infrastructure Vendors: Grass Valley, Evertz, Imagine, LeGrand

  • Test Equipment Vendors: Tektronix

  • IT computers, Networking, and Storage Vendors: HPe, Cisco, Dell/EMC, Spectralogic, Xendata

  • AV Systems Vendors: Panasonic, Sony, Shure, Crestron, Samsung, Kramer


Washington DC: 2018 Detailed Review of USAGM Studios and Radio/TV Broadcasting Facilities in Washington DC

As part of its long-term contract award with BBG now named the U.S. Agency for Global Media (USAGM), in 2018 HA Design Group conducted a comprehensive inspection, analysis, and report of the USAGM 150+ television and radio facilities. The focus of this consulting study for the senior leaders and management was to discuss and report on the agency’s technical, acoustic, lighting, set/scenery, and related workflow, techniques, and broadcast capabilities going forward.  USAGM will incorporate the ideas and guidance in 2019 as it continues to embrace, expand, and deliver on a wide range of programming goals worldwide encompassing multi-lingual web, social media, television, and radio content


Washington DC: As part of its long-term 2016 contract award with Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), HA Design Group has been acquiring and providing innovative broadcast television and IP networking equipment solutions. These new systems are part of BBG’s production and master control broadcast upgrades including integrated IP/baseband HD-SDI play out servers from Grass Valley.

BBG has been expanding its use of Dalet’s television and radio media asset management (MAM) systems for generation of BBG’s 50+ multilingual daily news programming delivered worldwide. BBG’s production staff acquires news footage from the wire sources and in-house productions to create original news packages stored on its Dalet MAM systems. The news content is then edited to create the individual BBG language service shows that are distributed to affiliates around the world.

Columbus, Ohio: In 2017 the BEMC centralized Joint Master Control (JMC) has enhanced its automated play out by establishing Myers ProTracks’ close BXF integration with IP broadcast play out software from Cinegy. The bidirectional BXF exchange is performing “live update” media processing in support of BEMC’s digital programming channels (42) on behalf of Ohio’s group of eight PBS member stations and The Ohio Channel.

Starting with the award of a design and installation contract in April 2015, HA Design Group has worked closely with the Columbus, Ohio based Broadcast Educational Media Commission (BEMC) and the Ohio Educational Television Stations,  PBS member stations in 8 markets, who are linked together through the state-wide OARnet® IP network. The goals of the BEMC system upgrade include increased operational efficiency and reduced long term capital cost for the Stations and the State of Ohio, while modernizing the Network Operations Center that BEMC provides to benefit multiple constituencies in Ohio. Early in the process, the Stations identified facilitating future digital services, and providing for a centralized origination center in Columbus as important goals the project is designed to achieve.
Image result Pyeongtaek ROK:  HA Design Group has assisted the AFN organization in 2016 to complete its intra-Korean move and transition into a new broadcast building location at Camp Humphreys in S. Korea. The technical and engineering services included the review and oversight of the new facility design followed by the onsite configuration of the new integrated HD television and radio systems. HA Design Group also provided as-built drawing documentation for the new AFN broadcast facility that incorporates 4 radio studios, large TV studio and production control room, monitoring control room, and satellite/signal ingest integrated through a 24-rack equipment center.
KAWE & KAWB - Lakeland Public Television
Bemidji, Minnesota:  Lakeland Public Television, producing and operating multiple channels in northern Minnesota (KAWE & KAWB), decided to move into new headquarters during 2015 and transform its technical broadcast platform at the same time. Facing a Sundance automation replacement for its TV channels due to near-term obsolescence, Lakeland's senior management sought an integrated broadcast software solution utilizing IT commodity hardware for cost-effectiveness. Their technical approach and focus tracks the broadcast industry's trend away from proprietary solutions and towards support for the emerging media industry standards generated under the BXF, AIM, SMPTE, and AMWA industry/vendor group associations. A detailed discussion of Lakeland Public Television's  new system, based on the Cinegy software suite, can be found in the following pdf file link. Lakeland Cinegy story


Project Overview
Software Platform
Alexandria, Virginia.:  HA Design Group has completed the build out and commissioning of the PBS DDMS (Disaster Recovery, Diversity & Maintenance Site) that began with off-site integration efforts at the HA Design Facility in Springfield, Virginia.  The new PBS network operations center (NOC) system is a fully functional back-up NOC since 2015 with the IT-oriented systems and racks (22)commissioned on site at the Nebraska Educational Telecommunications (NET) location. For additional information please use the nearby links.
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New Facility
HQ Architect
NPR HQ Bldg  
Washington, D.C.:  HA Design Group successfully completed its multiyear technical collaboration with the National Public Radio engineering organizations with an integrated design, engineering, and commissioning of its new Headquarters building including broadcast production and origination facilities. The NPR organization's transition into its new headquarters building was completed in 2013. For additional information and facility details please use the magazine story nearby links. 
  • Washington, D.C. -- April 2015: HA Design Group has begun the Phase 2 design and technical documentation upgrade for CNN's Washington, D.C. bureau news and media facilities.

  • Bethesda, Maryland -- March 2015: A new NIH campus-based television operations center is under design that will enhance the campus-wide support and dissemination of live meeting and campus events bringing together world-class scientists to exchange and communicate NIH's world-renowned biological and medical research.

  • Bemidji, MN -- February 2015: Lakeland Public Television (LPTV) has selected HA Design Group and the Cinegy broadcast software platform as it transitions its television broadcast operation into a new facility location. The Cinegy software modules are integrated together to operate on a standard IT network using Windows hardware servers and PCs. Lakeland PTV's new broadcast home is expected to be completed in April 2015.

  • Atlanta, Georgia -- February 2015: HA Design Group has been selected by Georgia Public Broadcasting to update their two audio control room capabilities with a project for the design, engineering, and installation of two Studer Vista 9 consoles.

  • Alexandria, Virginia -- January 2015: HA Design Group collaborated with the PBS WARN project team to design, integrate, and incorporate a new messaging platform into PBS's broadcast channel origination and distribution platform. The new national messaging platform, known as WARN, is under the auspices of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). WARN will soon replace the older EAS (Emergency Alert System) that uses the PBS distribution capabilities for the communication of breaking news and events to a nationwide audience.

  • Memphis, Tennessee -- December 2014: HA Design Group completed the design and upgrade of FedEx's headquarters broadcast facility creating a corporate-wide media asset management system with automated multichannel play-out channels for its scheduled communications and training channels worldwide. photos

  • Portland, Oregon -- September 2014: Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) selected HA Design Group to provide two Cinegy Windows-based servers and establish a cost-effective diversity platform. The two CIAB (channel in a box) servers are located offsite near the station's transmission systems and are controlled through remote access by OPB's staff.

  • Washington, D.C. -- August 2014: HA Design Group was selected to provide engineering and design documentation for the CNN Washington D.C. bureau's Phase 1 control room refresh and the design documentation work was successfully completed in August 2014.

  • Memphis, Tenn. --  March 2014:  HA Design Group has been selected to provide a comprehensive technical design and project implementation solution involving a corporate-wide, IT-centric media asset management (MAM) system at the Federal Express headquarters location in Memphis, Tennessee.

  • Washington, D.C. --  February 2014:  HA Design Group was selected to provide broadcast systems technical support for the Pentagon Briefing Room.

  • Washington, D.C. --  October 2013:  HA Design Group was selected for the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) BC-Logs replacement. BBG is replacing their venerable BC Logs program with a new Microsoft SQL-based report generation system that will allow the BBG media users to search for reference multimedia programs that have aired in the past. With 50 language services, each with their own channels and shows, along with 12 television channels on satellite and more distributed through the internet, the scope of the BC Logs media file database system is enormous. The BBG and its media organizations such as the Voice of America (VOA) generate over 3000+ hours of programming each week to reach viewing and listening audiences that number 300+ million worldwide.

  • Honolulu, Hawaii -- July 2013: HA Design Group has been selected to provide broadcast design services for the KHET television station (PBS Hawaii) scheduled to begin operations in a new broadcast building location in early 2015. KHET and and its architect Group 70 International have reached for HA Design Group to perform a schematic review of the new location building plans in preparation of construction documents and local planning commission approvals that will be followed by a comprehensive detail design of KHET's broadcast equipment facilities and technical operations.

  • New York City, NY -- July 2013: HA Design Group completes upgrade to Voice of America's New York City television studios and digital broadcast facilities including 2 studios, production control room, IT installations, and more. linked press release   photos

  • Washington, DC -- April 2013: HA Design Group has completed its collaboration with the NPR PRSS (Public Radio Satellite System) Engineering Team in the design/build/transition of its new Network Operations Center (NOC). The new NOC is part of the PRSS technical facilities located at NPR's new HQ building. For additional details please connect to the following linked article.


HA Design Group's  engineers have been leading the industry since 1994 to develop and design equipment, software and systems that provide technically advanced system that are both reliable and versatile. There have been a number of firsts for the engineers at HA Design.

ALL Digital Television and Radio Facility

Digital HDTV System (DTV Express*)

HDTV Television Facility (WTVI) 

Facility Dolby E Implementation (WTVI)

IT Server Based Video Broadcast System (MBN)

HA Design Group LLC is a leading edge technology engineering solution provider located at 6700 Springfield Center Drive Suites I-J-K Springfield, Virginia 22150 (703) 778-8760

* DTV Express is a registered trademark of Harris Corporation


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